What our Clients Say

Rob Foster
Chief Officer
GP Health Connect, Halton

As a clinically driven transformation programme, building early momentum and adding value were critcial factors in engaging our staff as we launched R-Health. Starting with a focus on clinical practice and patient care was the hook.  Integral Health Solutions (IHS) have been essential partners in helping create a series of projects that have extensively engaged all staff - clinical and non-clincial - who have developed standardised and local care pathways.  We are extremely confident that the results of our parntership with IHS will deliver improved outcomes for our local population.  We have trained staff with core change management skills to ensure that the funding made available by NHS England will have a sustainable impact in Halton.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

“It is a pleasure to work with Hilary and her team as an early implementer site for the Clinical Utilisation Review Tool.  Hilary and the team have provided advice and support throughout the programme and have addressed all concerns and questions as they have arisen, which has been invaluable.  Hilary and the team’s insight and knowledge of the system’s, CQUIN and procurement process have been instrumental in the development of our Clinical Utilisation Review programme within SRFT.   I am sure that that the good working relationship that we have established will support highly successful outcomes as an early implementer”.

Grace Wall, Assistant Director of Nursing, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust  

Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust were successful in receiving an NHS England Specialist Services “Early Implementer Grant” to implement a Clinical Utilisation Tool as part of the mandatory CQUIN. Integral Health Solutions have been instrumental in bringing together the Early Implementer sites to share learning, network and gain insights from the process to date.


We have found the team to be extremely responsive, helpful and supportive in our journey”.

Jo Jones, CUR Project Lead, Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Kings College Hospitals

Jo Jones
CUR Programme Manager
Kings College Hospitals

I have known the CUR team since early 2015 when I was the CUR Lead for Royal Surrey County Hospital, one of the first Early Implementer sites.  I subsequently moved to lead CUR across Kings College Hospitals in July 2016 where I continued to engage and work closely with Hilary and Alison and the wider CUR team.

The team are incredibly pragmatic and helpful in supporting us through the successes and challenges of CUR.  Both Hilary and Alison have demonstrated and created a collaborative approach to CUR especially in the early days.  A great example of this was how they worked with both providers and suppliers to ensure the minimum data set met the programme requirements whilst making sense for the providers.  Having a voice in this process was critical to ensure the output was achievable and practical.

The team have been particularly helpful and proactive in managing and feeding back issues to the CUR suppliers.  They were quickly able to identify where there are common issues across a number of NHS Providers.  Hilary and Alison always maintained a balanced overview to ensure equitable access and software contracts were consistent across provider organisations.

The CUR Learning Network has been invaluable to us as an organisation and individually.  It has evolved according to the needs and requirements of the members, old and new.  The opportunity to hear what other Trusts have been doing and to get feedback on some of the key initiatives as well as connecting us with a common purpose has been fantastic.  They have also challenged us as individuals to think about the next thing rather than focus on the status quo.  Hilary and Alison excel at connecting individuals but are respectful in their approach.  They bring a real human, personal touch which is a great attribute for the team to have.  As a Trust we have been empowered to be advocates of  CUR and through the Learning Network to take ownership of the issues.

Both Hilary and Alison mange well the balance between taking a supportive approach and holding Trusts to account.  This is really important, and it is difficult to achieve the right balance.  We have always felt that they are there to help us achieve the best that we can from the CUR CQUIN contract.  They have challenged us when required but this has been done in a collaborative and supportive way.

All of the team are always professional, proactive, supportive and it is clear they they want to support providers to achieve the maximum benefit from the CUR CQUIN.  The passion that they exude for CUR is extremely important and it is great that we are able to work with people who know and believe in what they are doing - not just ticking a box.  The team are a huge pleasure to work with and demonstrate a high level of professionalism, knowledge and passions.  All attributes that enable effective partnership working.




University College London Hospitals

Karla Issacs
Project Manager - Co-Ordination Centre Programme
University College London Hospitals

The CUR Programme support from both Alison and Hilary has been great.  Over the last 12 months they have really helped us to fully understand the CQUIN requirements and to further engage with the commissioners on UCLH's behalf.  This included helping us to organise a productive meeting with the commissioners where we agreed the baseline for the non-qualified target reduction.  Throught the year, when we have had various ICT problems or issues with our compliance, Alison has always been available to either speak on the phone or come down to the Trust in person.  The Learning Network has been invaluable in helping us to share and learn from other Trusts directly and to learn further about the upcoming CQUIN/NHS England requirement.  UCLH have found both Alison and Hilary to be an approachable team focused on delivering results for Trusts around reducing delays.  UCLH have been grateful for their support.

Specialised Commissioning,, North West London Region

Gemma Robinson
Senior Quality and Transformation Manager
Specialised Commissioning,, North West London Region

It has been incredibly useful having Alison and the CUR team supporting both NHSE and the providers in the delivery of CUR this year.  CUR is a complex CQUIN, and the history of providers development is vital to the successful delivery of CUR, having a consistent team with local knowledge and relationships with providers has been key to the success of the programme.

Providers view the CUR team as an invaluable resource and appreciate the support and expertise provided.  One of the difficulties of the CUR scheme is the multiple teams involved (eg, CSU, data analysis, independent contractors, trusts,  NHSE).  Alison and the team provide a consistent and reliable link between all teams and ensure communication is not lost.  It has also been incredibly useful to have a team with oversite of all CUR centres to allow benchmarking and best practice examples to be communciated to all.  On a personal note, the support the team has providced on  a formal basis (through workshops,hub review meetings and provider meetings), alongside ad hoc requests from myself and NHSE hub teams has been so incredibly useful, it is difficult to imagine delivering the CQUIN without this support.  The team are always happy to help, friendly, patient, approachable and incredibly knowledgeable.