Strategic Planning


Our approach to strategic management and planning

We will help you to develop robust strategic and operational plans and ensure you understand the impact of demographic and disease pattern change:

  • We ensure your strategic plans and objectives are aligned across the health economy and are designed around the needs of your population
  • In addition to traditional, largely epidemiological approaches to Health Needs Assessment, our bespoke population risk profiling and risk stratification tool – iRIS iRIS (Integral Risk Intelligence Solution) offers greater detail and more timely, local estimates of specific health care needs
  • We apply the use of econometric modelling and forecasting techniques so you understand the impact of your planned change/s
  • We demonstrate the impact of your proposed changes, in terms of health outcomes and costs / savings (allocating resources to those areas where maximum benefit is derived across the whole health economy)
  • We apply a ‘Systems Thinking’ approach that enables you to see the system as a whole rather than its component parts
  • We help you to understand the barriers that prevent change and help you to deliver business improvements through behaviour based training and coaching solution


We apply a ‘Systems Thinking’ approach to Strategic Planning.

  • System thinking considers the system as a whole. It enables complex interactions to be framed and analysed
  • The underpinnings of systems thinking makes it extremely effective in considering linked systems: In particular, those involving complex issues, high degrees of interdependence, and where coordination among each component part is necessary for the system to perform effectively
  • The approach uses a range of different diagramming techniques to help gain understanding. The ‘system dynamic’  type diagraming approach is used to explain a number of business archetypes, built up from just two fundamental behaviours: reinforcing behaviours, and balancing behaviours

The Building Blocks of Strategic Planning