Portfolio and Programme Management

Our Portfolio, Programme and Project Management approaches are based on industry standards. They include the provision of resources, tools, methodology and capabilities that drive the delivery of system and service transformation. We ensure that integration, co-ordination and critical paths are visible and all the activities are aligned to the agreed vision, objectives and outcomes

We provide a tailored programme management approach that:-

  • Provides you with the tools, methodology and capability, which can be tailored to individual projects, programmes & portfolios
  • Supports you achieving your strategic aims and objectives
  • Combines our change leadership expertise with the business and subject expertise of clients' own teams
  • Will enable you to roll out the framework across your organisation, so avoiding duplication and wheel reinvention
  • Maintains continuity throughout the programme whilst flexing the precise involvement as the programme evolves


Working with commissioners and providers, we help you to understand the barriers that prevent change and help you to deliver business improvements by improving the quality, productivity and performance of your services.


To improve your project management and support, we will:

  • Provide a common ‘language’ for all project / programme management activities
  • Drive effective coordination through robust, informed, knowledgeable and appropriate methodologies
  • Make certain that executive decision making is based on accurate information
  • Ensure that allocation of limited resources is focused on current priorities
  • Understand the true value delivered at any point in the project lifecycle
  • Monitor that targeted benefits are being achieved
  • Provide specialist professional advice and support as part of the overall programme
  • Provide up-skilling of staff to enable ‘in-house’ continuous improvement if required
  • Lessons Learnt review cycle – reflective, proactive learning opportunities
  • Demonstrate cost efficiency and value for money