Continuing Healthcare

“The number of people eligible for CHC funding is likely to increase due to demography, and the risks of not implementing CHC well are too great to ignore.” – NHS Confederation briefing

What is Continuing Healthcare?

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) are packages of care, usually provided outside of hospital, for individuals who have been assessed, using the CHC checklist as having a ‘primary health need’. This includes people with Complex Conditions including physical, mental and learning disabilities.  People who are assessed for CHC funding include some of the most vulnerable in society.  Some are reaching the end of their lives, or have long-term conditions as a result of a disability, accident or illness.

Those assessed as eligible for CHC have their health and social care costs paid for by their Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).  For those assessed as not eligible, the local authority and/or the individual may have to pay their social care costs instead. 

In 2015-16, almost 160,000 people received, or were assessed as eligible for, CHC funding in the year, at a cost of £3.1bn.  And the costs are rising.  At a time when the NHS is intensely challenged on budgets, staff morale, providing appropriate levels of care, and meeting patient expectations – CHC is becoming more and more demanding given an ageing population with increasingly complex needs.

Factor in the requirement to adopt a system-wide approach, integrating care across health and social care providers, meeting the increasingly challenging healthcare demands across regional footprints, and providing a seamless health and social care service to patients - the requirement to address this is even more critical.


Our Offer

We work with you to firstly understand the existing state, following which we can then design and deliver a patient-centred, service transformation programme.

Our offer includes:-

  • Due Diligence Reviews which provide you with a clear description of the key issues, risks, opportunities and gaps
  • A new Target Operating Model that will describe how the service will be delivered
  • A patient-centred transformation programme to address the outputs from the Due Diligence Review
  • CHC Auguro provides the ability to forecast current and future financial risk and demand for strategic planning purposes - an essential requirement for commissioners of CHC, FNC and Complex Care Services
  • Through specialised analytics we can build future cost models that are risk adjusted for your population, providing insight into the future movement of your patients’ CHC needs and associated costs
  • From this intelligence we will work with you to signpost solutions relevant to your local priorities