Continuing Healthcare

“The number of people eligible for CHC is to likely increase due to demography, and the risks of not implementing CHC well are too great to ignore.” – NHS Confederation briefing

What is Continuing Healthcare?

We work with you to firstly understand the existing state, following which we can then design and deliver a patient-centred, service transformation programme.

Our offer includes:-

  • Due Diligence Reviews which provide you with a clear description of the key issues, risks, opportunities and gaps
  • A new Target Operating Model that will describe how the service will be delivered
  • A patient-centred transformation programme to address the outputs from the Due Diligence Review
  • CHC Auguro provides the ability to forecast current and future financial risk and demand for strategic planning purposes - an essential requirement for commissioners of CHC, FNC and Complex Care Services
  • Through specialised analytics we can build future cost models that are risk adjusted for your population, providing insight into the future movement of your patients’ CHC needs and associated costs
  • From this intelligence we will work with you to signpost solutions relevant to your local priorities