South Cheshire and Vale Royal CCGs


South Cheshire and Vale Royal CCGs – Phase 1 The two CCGs required support in defining their contract requirements for commissioning support for 7 key service lines (including Business Intelligence) as described in the Service Level Agreement with their local Commissioning Support Unit, for the financial year 2014/15. The CCGs commissioned this Diagnostic Review with the aim of understanding how the contract has performed over the last 12 months, identification of key issues and scope for improvement.  The output was a work-stream diagnostic against the 7 key service lines and a set of prioritised recommendations to be taken forward with the CSU.

South Cheshire CCG and Vale Royal CCGs – Phase 2 (Business Intelligence) The CCGs required support in establishing service improvement and stabilisation for business intelligence support in relation to the Service Level Agreement with their local CSU for the financial year 2014/15.  The output of this work was a detailed 6-month service improvement plan which we supported the CCGs and CSU to implement, resulting in the stabilisation of business intelligence services and a redefined SLA, including Key Performance Indicators for 2015/16,  to better meet the needs of the two CCGs.

South Cheshire CCG and Vale Royal CCGs – Phase 2 (Governance and Customer Solutions) Following the Phase 1 diagnostic, we were commissioned by the two CCGs to redesign the Governance and Customer Solutions Service delivered as an in-house model within the CCGs.  The outputs of this work were a redesigned, in-house service for complaints, FOI requests, PALS, SARNS and serious incidents.

Cheshire and Wirral CCGs - Continuing Health Care Five CCGs across Cheshire and Wirral were looking to develop a new service delivery model for the management of Continuing Healthcare, Complex Care, Funded Nursing Care and Quality and Safeguarding. The outputs of this work included a detailed Due Diligence Review. This included a review of the performance of the service (identifying areas of clinical and financial risks), a workforce review and productivity assessment, together with a set of detailed recommendations for the re-design of the CHC, complex care and FNC service. This subsequently led on to Stage 2 – developing the CCG transition model and plan as well as supporting the CCGs with the safe transition of CHC services by 1st February 2015. Following the successful, safe transfer of the service on 1st February 2015, we have been asked to support the CCGs with Stage 3 - the development of the Future Service Model and supporting business case to be delivered by July 2015.

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