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NHS England - National Clinical Utilisation Review Programme - We were commissioned by NHS England to support the development and launch of the CQUIN for Clinical Utilisation Review, which is available to providers and commissioners from April 2015.  We designed and led the national launch event which was held in December 2014, and included international exhibitors of CUR software; international speakers including Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare Services as well as national innovator sites including Imperial College London, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust.  Hilary Heywood and Carole Lavelle, Assistant Director of Nursing and Patient Experience, NHS England, presented jointly on Using CUR to drive whole system transformational change (winning hearts, minds and cultural change).  This was an extremely successful event attended by by over 150 delegates from providers, CCGs and NHS England.

Following the success of the national launch event, Hilary Heywood is now national Programme Director, supporting by the team from Integral Health Solutions.  This next phase of work will result in the establishment of a national CUR procurement framework.  This will will enable NHS providers and commissioners to call off accredited CUR suppliers from a national framework.  In parallel with the procurement framework we are providing support to five early implementer sites and regional / area teams to ensure effective take-up of the national CUR CQUIN.

NHS England Specialised Commissioning - Working in partnership with GEM CSU we led the development of a national specialised commissioning performance report to support the monitoring of finance, contracting, QIPP and quality targets.  We are also supporting the development of local pricing and benchmarking across specialised commissioning. The third piece of work is prioritising those specialised services not within the mandatory tariff such as NICU, spinal cord injuries  for inclusion in future mandatory currency and pricing .
NHS England Specialised Commissioning - Co-Commissioning – Providing specialist advice to NHS England on the co-commissioning agenda.
NHS England Secure Mental Health – Provision of expert advice on the high secure ten-year plan including the benchmarking of workforce, drugs, pay and non-pay costs to support both commissioning. Development of  currencies and quality & outcome framework for secure mental health. Expert Advice on the decommissioning of Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD).
NHS England Better Care Fund – Working on behalf of Greater East Midlands CSU as Project Lead undertaking the National Consistent Assurance Review (NCAR) process for the Better Care Fund Bids across 6 CCGs.
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